Executive Director
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Executive Director

Ms. Jummai Zainab Abdullahi
Executive Director

Born in Kaduna, attended the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Staff School from where she proceeded to the Federal Government Girls College, Bakori in Kaduna before she graduated with honours in Business Administration at the Ahmadu Bello University.


A success-oriented lady who had always known from her university days that she had all it took to stand out in the entrepreneurial world ventured out on her own and started a management consulting company by the name Ideal Energy Solutions which she has managed successfully. Capital 3 Limited bought 65% of the company in 2011 thus creating a special merger between the two companies with Ideal Energy Solutions still maintains its name.


Ms Abdullahi has partnered several organizations to execute many mega projects successfully.


In 2008, she was invited to serve as a committee member of an ad hoc committee of the Federal Government parastatal set up by the then Minister of Youths and Culture and was nominated in the capacity of a Sub-Committee Chairman of one of the Committees within the ad-hoc Committee.