S-ViD Corporate Identity Card
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S-ViD Corporate Identity Card

Prime Global Products

The S-ViD is a co-branded ATM Card designed specifically to serve as a Corporate Identity Card, carrying the logo of your organisation and picture of the holder, with a mission to reduce financial crimes and identity theft in the country.

While the Banks issue the cards to its Customers, nineteen Insurance Companies on the project provide “Accident Insurance Cover” to the holder. The Privacy of clients are maintained by Banks, hence we resolve to maintain Basic Information of the subscribers for the purpose of insurance clients.

More of an institution than an application, S-ViD represents a number of comprehensive Information Systems, that serve all but not limited to the following: – security, financials (i.e. Bank Card for local and foreign transactions). The creation of S-ViD was made based on the initiative of C3, to create a database for the formal and informal sectors and a multi-purpose device that provides identity solutions.

Security Verified Identity Card is an upgraded Automated Teller Machine Card (ATM), designed with distinctive security features to serve as Identity Card for the holder, in compliance with the CBN Policy on Cashless Society and Know-Your-Costumer (KYC).

The mission of the project is to convert all ATM cards in the country to corporate identity cards and insurance purse.

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